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Bałtyk Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy
in locality: Mielno

Sports and plays
There's a children playground available: Yes
Bonfire place available: Yes
Do dyspozycji jest:zagospodarowany
teren spacerowy,
plac zabaw, plac
Sports and plays in close vicinity
Distance to a swimming pool, aqua park is:1 km
Distance to a bicycle route is:5 m
Dostance to a national park (nature reserve) is:Słowiński Park
Narodowy is 158 km
Distance to another attractive tourist spot is:Kołobrzeg m 35 km
Distance to a cinema is:500 is
Distance to a regional museum in:Koszalin m 12 km
Distance to a disco is:1 km
Distance to a night-club is:1 km
Distance to an external cafe is:500 m
External facilities available
Swimming in open waters: Yes
Swimming pool: Yes
Sailing, windsurfing: Yes
Sailing onboard a ship: Yes
Boating, kayaking: Yes
Angling: Yes
Bicycle routes biking: Yes
Horse riding: Yes
Picking mushrooms and blueberries: Yes
Ilość wyświetleń: 119363

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