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Adam Dom Gościnny
in locality: Rewal
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Built in:2003
Total area of the whole premises is:450 %
Whereof green areas make:50 %
Whereof trees (park) make:10
Number of hotel brick pavillions is:1
Total number of hotel rooms is:8 pokoi people
The premises can accommodate (max.) holiday guests:20 people
The buildings can accommodate (max.) guests:20 people
Number of storeyed buildings is:1
Following rooms and facilities are available
Clothes washing facility: Yes
Rooms available
Three bed:Yes
Four bed:Yes
Balcony rooms [%]:100 %
Room facilities provided
TV:100 %
Fridge:100 %
Kitchen annexe:
Washbasin only:100 %
No meals available: Yes
Grill available on the site: Yes
Distance to external canteen:50 m
Distance to external restaurant:50 m
Commerce and services
Distance to a kiosk is:200 m
Distance to a shopping centre is:200 m
Distance to a cash dispenser is:200 m
Distance to a money exchange facility is:200 m
Our service-persons speak also
Open period
Accommodation day is from:14:00 - 11:00
High-season lasts fm:01.07 - 30.08
Ilość wyświetleń: 138728

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