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AGA Ośrodek Rekreacyjny
in locality: Gąski
tel.: (094) 31-65-582, fax. 31-65-745
email: osrodekaga@wp.pl
www: www.osrodek-aga.pl
 WCZASY ODCHUDZAJĄCE nad Bałtykiem ? Ośrodek AGA to pokoje z widokiem na morze. Od plaży dzieli nas zaledwie 20 metrów !! Serdecznie zapraszamy..

Location particulars
Distance to the Baltic Sea is:zaledwie 20 is
Distance to the lake is:Jamno is 9 km
Distance to the river is:Czerwona Rzeczka is 8 km
Distance to the district town is:Koszalin is 25 km
Distance to the province capital is:Szczecin is 140 km
Distance to a regional eminent tourist centre is:Kołobrzeg , with 25 m
Distance to a border crossing in:Kołbaskowo is Niemcami m 150 km
Distance to the nearest town/village is:w Gąskach is 100 m
Distance to a national route is:w Gąskach is 50 m
Renovated in:2006
There's a safe inside (valuable items deposit box): Yes
Whereof green areas make:70 %
Number of hotel brick pavillions is:2
Number of timber pavilions (camping huts) is:25
The premises can accommodate (max.) holiday guests:160 people
The buildings can accommodate (max.) guests:80 people
Camping huts can accommodate (max.) guests:80
Number of storeyed buildings is:2
Dogs allowed: Yes
Cats allowed: Yes
Following rooms and facilities are available
Bicycle locker: Yes
Pram locker: Yes
Wheelchair locker: Yes
Boat and kayak locker: Yes
Windsurfing board locker: Yes
Rooms available
Three bed:Yes
Four bed:Yes
Rooms - studiesYes
Balcony rooms [%]:20 %
Room facilities provided
TV:100 %
Radio:100 %
Phone:100 %
Computer (Web access):100 %
Washbasin only:100 %
Full board must be bought: Yes
Canteen on the premises: Yes
Customised diet possible: Yes
Two-shift meal serving system: Yes
We provide packed lunch for the trippers: Yes
Wellnes facilities are available including
Sauna: Yes
Solarium: Yes
Beauty parlour: Yes
Health care
Doctor on the premises: Yes
Nurse on the premises: Yes
Distance to the health centre is: 4 km
Distance to a doctor is: 4 km
Distance to a hospital is: 25 km
Używane są następujące urządzenia rehabilitacyjne:Kapsuła Derma Life
Jet, Solarium, m
Minimum price for a single procedure is:5.67 Euro
Sports and plays
There's a children playground available: Yes
Bonfire place available: Yes
Do dyspozycji jest:stoły pingpongowe
Disco on the premises: Yes
Sports and plays in close vicinity
Distance to a ZOO (mini ZOO) at:Zieleniewo is 25 km
Distance to a regional museum in:Kołobrzeg m 25 km
External facilities available
Sailing, windsurfing: Yes
Sailing onboard a ship: Yes
Boating, kayaking: Yes
Angling: Yes
Bicycle routes biking: Yes
Horse riding: Yes
Picking mushrooms and blueberries: Yes
Commerce and services
Distance to a kiosk is:100 m
Distance to a shopping centre is: 25 km
Distance to a car service is: 25 km
Distance to a cash dispenser is: 4 km
Distance to a money exchange facility is: 4 km
Travelling facilities
Distance to railway station in:Koszalin, Kołobrzeg is 25 km
Distance to bus station in:Koszalin, Kołobrzeg is 25 km
Distance to harbour/port in:Kołobrzeg is 25 km
Distance to a filling station in:Będzino is 6 km
Distance to an LPG filling station in:Będzino is 6 km
Vehicle transport facility available on the premises:Yes
Means of transport security
Supervised car park available for guests: Yes
"Green schools" and holiday camps
"Green schools" are arranged: Yes
Classes for primary school children can be conducted:4
Classes for secondary school children can be conducted:0.99 Euro
Access to gymnasium provided: Yes
Wedding parties, celebrations, integrating meetings
Wedding parties, celebrations & integrating meetings are arranged: Yes
Minimum price for a camping hut is:36.99 Euro
Prices for sojourn of 1 person for 1 day     
Minimum price for 1 bed in a room, no board, is:14.80 Euro
Other prices and discounts
Charge/credit cards are welcome: Yes

Address and telephone directory
AGA Ośrodek Rekreacyjny
Nadbrzeżna 96
76-034 Sarbinowo
Telephone or Fax:(094) 31-65-582, fax. 31-65-745
Telephone or Fax:+48 (094) 31-65-582, fax. 31-65-745
Account number:27 1020 2791 0000 7802 0087 8538
Preliminary booking
Given name (wymagane):
Surname (wymagane):
Land-line phone:
Mobile phone:
Sojourn period: from to
Number of: adults , Number of children
Remarks and questions:
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