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Piotruś Pan Dom Gościnny
in locality: Niechorze
tel.: 607 120 918, 603 938 639,
email: piotruspan@ta.pl
www: www.piotruspan.ta.pl

Location particulars
Distance to the Baltic Sea is:100 is
Distance to the lake is:Liwia Łuża is 50 m
Distance to the forest complex is:500 m
Distance to the district town is:Gryfice is 27 km
Distance to the province capital is:Szczecin is 115 km
Distance to a regional eminent tourist centre is:Kołobrzeg , with 45 m
Distance to a border crossing in:Kołbaskowo is Niemcami m 120 km
Built in:2000
Number of hotel brick pavillions is:1
The buildings can accommodate (max.) guests:40 people
Following rooms and facilities are available
Pram locker: Yes
Wheelchair locker: Yes
Rooms available
Three bed:Yes
Four bed:Yes
Balcony rooms [%]:100 %
Rooms without bathroom (common bathroom at corridor) [%]:0 %
Room facilities provided
TV:100 %
Computer (Web access):100 %
Fridge:100 %
Washbasin only:100 %
Kitchen facilities available for guests in the buildings: Yes
Grill available on the site: Yes
Distance to external canteen:30 m
Health care
Distance to the health centre is:300 m
Distance to a doctor is:300 m
Distance to an emergency medical care facility is: 3 km
Distance to a hospital is: 28 km
Distance to an external rehabilitation centre is:800 m
Sports and plays
There's a children playground available: Yes
Sports and plays in close vicinity
Distance to a swimming pool, aqua park is:800 m
Distance to a bicycle route is:50 m
Distance to a golf course is:35 m
Dostance to a national park (nature reserve) is:Wolińskiego Parku
Narodowego is 45 km
Distance to another attractive tourist spot is:Międzyzdroje m 47 km
Distance to a cinema is:400 is
Distance to a regional museum in:Niechorze m 50 km
Distance to a disco is:500 m
Distance to a night-club is:600 m
Distance to an external cafe is:50 m
External facilities available
Swimming in open waters: Yes
Swimming pool: Yes
Sailing, windsurfing: Yes
Sailing onboard a ship: Yes
Boating, kayaking: Yes
Angling: Yes
Bicycle routes biking: Yes
Horse riding: Yes
Picking mushrooms and blueberries: Yes
Commerce and services
Distance to a kiosk is:50 m
Distance to a shopping centre is:100 m
Distance to a sport & tourist equipment shop is:70 m
Distance to a car service is:800 m
Distance to a cash dispenser is:100 m
Distance to a money exchange facility is:100 m
Travelling facilities
Distance to Airport in:Goleniów is 75 km
Distance to railway station in:Trzebiatów is 12 km
Distance to bus station in:Niechorze is 200 m
Distance to harbour/port in:Kołobrzeg is 40 km
Distance to taxi stand in:Niechorze is 200 m
Distance to a filling station in:Rewal is 3 km
Distance to an LPG filling station in:Rewal is 3 km
Means of transport security
Supervised car park available for guests: Yes
Supervised car park available for guests is located at:100 %
Distance to the nearest guarded car park is:300 m
Weekend holiday
Weekend holiday is organised: Yes
Weekend prices are not higher than (% of regular prices):100 the charge is
Prices for sojourn of 1 person for 1 day     
Minimum price for 1 bed in a room, no board, is:11.10 Euro
Minimum price for a room, no board, is:17.26 Euro
Other prices and discounts
Charge is inclusive of unguarded car park occupation: Yes
Open period
Accommodation day is from:14:00 - 10:00
Open all year: Yes

Address and telephone directory
Piotruś Pan Dom Gościnny
Szczecińska 4
72-350 Niechorze
Telephone or Fax: 607 120 918, 603 938 639,
Telephone or Fax:+48 607 120 918, 603 938 639,
Preliminary booking
Given name (wymagane):
Surname (wymagane):
Land-line phone:
Mobile phone:
Sojourn period: from to
Number of: adults , Number of children
Remarks and questions:
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